Cal-Nev-Ha Star Bulletin



Date: February/March 2000
Title: Almost 5,000 Kiwanis Sponsored Youth donate time, energy to help build eight floats for world's most famous parade

Ringing in the new year   Volunteers helping decorate additional floats
For 15 years, Kiwanis has been sending volunteers from its various youth service clubs to help Phoenix Decorating Company build floats for the Pasadena Rose Parade.

There were 4,756 youngsters on duty this year. They applied flowers to eight floats for Phoenix, one of four professional companies responsible for designing and building floats.

In return for donated labor, Phoenix makes a donation to the Kiwanis scholarship fund. Margo Dutton, coordinator of Kiwanis volunteers, says the donation has grown from $2,000 in the first year to $6,000 today.

Cal-Nev-Ha Kiwanis will use the funds to award 20-30 scholarships, ranging upwards from $500.

The Kiwanis float originated as a Cal-Nev-Ha idea, but has benefited Kiwanis International which has shared in its funding in recent years.

Most of the Kiwanis volunteers come from within an hour's drive of Pasadena. Others come from further away. Merced has sent students the last five years. This year, they had a delegation of 35 members of both Key Club and KIWIN's from Merced and Golden Valley High Schools. They stayed in motels and worked shifts on two days before returning to Merced.

Other volunteers came from as far away as Las Vegas or San Diego.
Those who lived far from Pasadena watched the Jan. 1 parade on TV, glowing with pride when they saw the floats on which they had worked.
The decorating is all around.   Volunteers finish every detail on the floats.
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