Steering Committee Meeting
December 18, 2007



Members Present:
Reid Allen, President, Gene Hartigan, George Harrison, Marsha Jackson, Bart Carroll, Shirley Carroll, Dave Wallach, Stan Bowers and Orlene Bowers.

Reid Allen called the meeting to order.

Minutes of the December 9, 2007 meeting were approved as presented.

1) Mike Sciosia of the Angels – no report

2) Vin Scully of the Dodgers – no report (The Dodgers’ season begins March 31, 2008). It probably will be difficult to get a baseball personality as keynote speaker.

3) Keynote speaker can also be a well-known community personality.

4) Marcus Allen, famous retired football player. We should pursue him through Holly of Outback. Marsha will talk to her. Dave Wallach said Marcus has a good personality.


1) La Habra Community Center – George Harrison reported it is not available on April 26 because it is already booked for a Russian wedding.

2) Marsha Jackson’s backyard – Marsha has held large events there before. It will accommodate approximately 400 people.

3) Rosemont Pavilion – this is a suitable site and would be comfortable with electric heaters. First, check with Holly about it. Dave Wallach will talk to Chris Lofthouse of Phoenix Decorating about the possibility of getting this site. There will be some floats housed there. Marsha suggested we could rent a tent for the cocktail party. Possible dates – April 26, May 10 and May 17.


Price of Tickets and Number of People – We need 250 paying adults. Suggested price of tickets is $100.

Program Book:
Marcus Allen on cover and Kiwanis logo. The 2009 float could be on the back cover. This book is a great publicity opportunity for sponsors to advertise. Always send a copy of the program to sponsors, even though they may not attend.

Silent Auction:
Marsha said that Dave and Cay Hughes run a very good one.

Live Auction:
George said he will contact George Alms, who is a great auctioneer. He lives in the Tahoe area. Both auctions would be run at the same time.

Possible Sponsors:
We need names and addresses of companies to contact. The following were a few suggestions:
1) Denny’s – Temple City Manager will give Shirley Carroll an executive to contact
2) Warner Bros. – Kathy Allen can contact Lisa DeLormier, who is a Vice President
3) Honda – Reid Allen will contact
4) Banks/Washington Mutual, Citizens Business Bank
5) Coca- Cola

Mailing Lists:
Most of them are online.
1) Quarterback Club list is available and will be sent to Reid.
2) Pasadena Junior Chamber will be out after January 7.
3) Cal-Nev-Ha District Directory is available. Pete Horton has okayed its use for the Gala.

Marsha has a contact with the florist at Forest Lawn

Next meeting – no date was set.

Meeting was adjourned.

Minutes submitted by: Kathy Allen, Recording Secretary

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