Steering Committee Meeting
December 09, 2007



Members Present:
Reid Allen, President, Gene Hartigan, George Harrison, Marsha Jackson, Bart Carroll, Shirley Carroll, Stan Bowers and Orlene Bowers.

Reid Allen opened the meeting. He welcomed George Harrison who has agreed to become a member of the Steering Committee and a member of the Club Board of
Directors. Reid also reported that Chee Chin Chang (a member of the Pasadena Kiwanis Club) will become a member of the Steering Committee, but could not be here today.


Reid reported that Pete Carroll had declined to be the keynote speaker because of recruiting and speaking commitments in the spring.

Reid had contacted Pat Haden, former U.S.C. quarterback. Pat said he is planning a family vacation in the spring and does not want to commit to a April or May date as it might conflict with his plans.

Vin Scully might be a possibility. He needs a definite date. The Carrolls will give their Dodger contact the date of April 26 to discuss with Mr. Scully.

Marsha Jackson has talked to Holly of Outback personally, and Holly said she may be able to get Marcus Allen, a former outstanding U.S.C. and NFL football player, as the keynote speaker. He gives a good talk and he lives locally.

Gene Hartigan has a connection with Mike Sciosia of the Angels. He lives in Thousand Oaks. Gene will pursue this possibility. Mike is a good speaker and mixes well with people.

Baseball starts in April. Both Scully and Sciosia may not be able to fit the Gala into their schedules. David Hughes in his Action Suggestions, which were passed out at the meeting, stressed that we should not limit ourselves to a sports figure. It is important that the speaker appeal to the business community as well as the youth.

The business community could help with sponsorships and ticket sales.

George Harrison suggested as a possible speaker Dr. Ben Carson, who is well known in the medical world as an outstanding cardiologist. He is a good speaker and asks no charge to speak in front of groups.

David Hughes will speak to a Los Angeles based agent who was very helpful in securing many celebrities for galas of the Fort Lauderdale Boys & Girls Club, of which David was the CEO. David indicated she was paid a small fee, but the celebrities who she obtained donated their services.

Holly of Outback will continue to look for speakers.


Marsha has called banquet facilities listed in the Yellow Pages and has found none that can fit our requirements of size (500 people) and catering our own food. Marsha has talked to Holly and she has agreed to provide hors d’oeuvres for the VIP cocktail party before the dinner. Holly is working with her partners on location. It is important that the gala’s location be acceptable to them.

Marsha has talked to a member of the Church of the Latter Day Saints which has lovely facility located in Burbank. He will check with the Church to see if it can be used by outside groups and if it meets our requirements.

David Hughes suggested we contact private schools, high schools and colleges which have gymnasiums. As David mentions in his “Action Suggestions,” the challenge is to find a location that will allow us to take advantage of Outback’s offer to provide the food, which will save us approximately $20,000.

Stan Bowers said that a huge new, very attractive high school has been built in Thousand Oaks. He will contact the school to see if it may have accommodations which we could use.

George Harrison said that La Habra Community Center can seat 500 people.

He will check it out.

In order to secure a banquet location we may have to reduce the number of people we are inviting. We could reduce the number of young people but we should keep the same number of adults. This is a last resort.

1. The facility must be acceptable to Holly. All the information we find, should be sent to her.

2. Stan reminded us although the banquet hall may be free, any facility will charge custodial and insurance fees.

Mailing Lists:
avid Hughes urges us to provide him with lists ASAP. He wants to build a data base as soon as possible. The following mailing lists were suggested by the Committee --directories for Chamber of Commerces and also Jr. Chambers. in in surrounding areas/ Pasadena (Reid Allen), San Fernando Valley and Ventura (Marsha Jackson & the Bowers), Arcadia, Duarte, Monrovia (Gene Hartigan), George Harrison in his area; Boys & Girls Clubs/Gene Hartigan knows Bob Monk, former head of the Pasadena organization; Kiwanis Cal-Nev-Ha and Club directories; and other organizations we may be associated with. How large a distance do we want to cover? Santa Barbara? San Diego? Beach Communities, north and south of our area? Think about it. Send the lists and directories to David as soon as you get them. Don’t’ wait.

The Internet may be a good resource. Although Chambers of Commerce are listed, the membership list is not. Perhaps we could use it to look up banquet halls.

Sponsored Youth:
David wants a contact list for Southern California Sponsored Youth – Builders, Key Clubs and Circle Ks. He would like to send them a letter explaining the event and begin coordinating young people to attend the gala.

Sponsorship Leads:
Leads are very much needed. David asks that someone work with him on identifying and soliciting prospects. This can be done now. In fact, year-end tax benefits might motivate someone to contribute early.

Mailing Costs:
Reid will contact Citizens Business Bank and talk to them about donating money to cover the cost. David Hughes in Florida will be preparing letters and mailing them out.

Printing Contact:
It could be David Hughes, who has a source in Florida, or a local company. Does the Pasadena Department of Water & Power allow flyers to be enclosed with their mailings to customers


Committee Assignments will be discussed and determined next meeting.


A reminder call will be made to all Committee members.

Next Meeting: December 18, 2007 – 1:30 PM – at Denny’s in Temple City.

Meeting Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 2:45 PM.

Minutes Submitted by Kathy Allen, Recording Secretary.

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