Board of Directors Meeting
July 13, 2013



Members Present:
Reid Allen, Craig Wallace, Dave Wallach, Stan Bowers, Ron Cope, Don Medley, Margo Dutton, Bart/Shirley Carroll

Call to Order:
At 10:50am by Dave Wallach. President and 1st VP absent due to the flu.

Approval of Minutes:
The minutes of the Board Meeting for October 26,2013 were approved. Bowers/Medley.

Treasurer's Report:
Treasurer Craig Wallace presented Club fiscal data through October 31,2013 and C-N-H District profit/loss data related to  Rose Float activities through November 27,2013. Dutton/Bowers

1. Dave Wallach announced float riders are now confirmed and documented, that all volunteer work shifts are filled, that T-shirts will be issued to all personnel, that food services remain on track, and that float total income to date is $72K. It was noted that some adult supervisory night shifts remain open (see Bart or Shirley Carroll). Also the Circle-K group needs several adults on 12-29 and 12-30 evenings to monitor their church sleepover.

2. Craig Wallace announced that the International Presidents Interclub luncheon ticket sales are in progress; attendees need to get their tickets and remember to bring a drawing item.

3. The next DCM will be the 2nd Thursday in December and will be held at our bank meeting room.

There was extensive discussion concerning funding and sales tax on decorations. We may need to have a different project replacing the Grand Drawing. Suggestions are needed. Marsha presented an idea using movies and mailing them with a request for contribution. There needs to be more discussion on this subject.

Based on the possibility of some $3000 from the ICON, Craig Wallace moved $1000 to the committee, seconded by Larry Madick, passed.

Division 10 Announcements:
1. There will be a birthday party for Reid's 90th birthday on July 20, 2013. Craig Wallace reported the names of many of those who have reservations.

2. Division 10 will have a DCM 8/8/13 held at the Citibank location. All are encouraged to attend.

Old Business:
1. It was agreed that any old business carryovers will be delayed until the next board meeting due to the absence of the president.

New Business:
1. Reid Allen presented a $500 check donation from Cal Oaks Pharmacy in his name. Craig Wallace is determining the correct account classification for deposit.

2. The following meeting schedule was established for December/January: (1) December 7 Club at the Rosemont Pavilion Barn 10:30am (2) January 11 Comm/Club at our bank meeting room 10:00am (3) January 25 Comm/Club/Bd at our bank meeting room 9:00am.

Meeting Adjournment: The meeting ended at 11:30am.

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