Board of Directors Meeting
September 15 , 2018



Members Present:
Dave Wallach, Ernie Arnold, Craig Wallace, Bob Lagunas, Ron & Jan Robertson and Ron Cope

Call to Order:
Meeting called to order by the president at 4:00 pm at the Casa Blanca restaurant.

Approval of Minutes:
The board minutes for the meeting of August 18, 2018 were reviewed and approved as written. R/JR                 

Treasurer's Report:
The treasurers report with financial data through August 31,2018 was reviewed and approved. RL/RR

1. The board approved the transfer of $6,000 to the District Rose Float Committee bringing the total annual donation to $17,000. Unanamous  

2. The board approved the paying of Louie Ford’s membership dues from club administrative funds in recognition of his exceptional fund raising services. RL/CW 

3. The board discussed methods of special recognition for Don Medley who recently passed. It was agreed that Bob Lagunas and Ron Cope would contact the Camarillo Club and discuss possible actions and report back to the board.


Future Meetings :
1. Club meeting             10-6-18        9am@ bank

2. Club/ Bd meeting    10-27-18       9am@ bank


The president adjourned the meeting at 4:30 pm.

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