Board of Directors Meeting
July 16 , 2016



Members Present:
Bob lagunas, Craig Wallace, Reid Allen, Shirley Carroll, Bart Carroll, Larry Madick, Ron Robertson, Jan Robertson, Don Medley, Lewie Ford.

Call to Order:
Meeting called to order by president at 10:09am.

Approval of Agenda:
Moved by Larry Madick, seconded by Reid Allen, Passed.

Approval of Minutes:
Moved by Larry Madick, seconded by Ron Robertson, Passed.

Treasurer's Report:
Report presented by Craig Wallace with financial s through June 30,2016.
Reviewed and moved for review and approval, by Larry Madick, seconded by Ron Roberson, passed.

Approval of Expenses:
Craig Wallace presented an expense of $3392.23 for ornaments. Moved by Larry Madick, seconded by Craig Wallace, passed

District Committee Report:
Fund raising effort. Next years Governor wants each Division to buy or sell one Rose Float Medallion. There may be some float ride to sell.

New Business:
Louie Ford presented plans for a fund raising BBQ on September 17, 2016 at LaSalle High School. Tickets are to sell for $40. Moved to accept by Ron Robertson, second by Larry Madick.

Much discussion about having music and decided OK but not to cost more than $750. There will be about a $250 charge for maintenance. These plus food costs. Lewie Ford plans to sell 100 tickets. Ron Robertson moved to have Lewie Ford go ahead with the BBQ with $3200 plan, seconded by Larry Madick, Reid Allen abstained at the vote.

Future Meetings :
Club meeting on August 14 at the Division Conference.
August 20, 2016. Club meeting 9:00am
August 20, 2016 Board meeting 10:00am.


The president adjourned the meeting at 11:10 am.

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