Board of Directors Meeting
July 15 , 2017



Members Present:
Reid Allen, Bob Lagunas, Ron Cope, Craig Wallace, Dave Wallach, Ernie Arnold, Don Medley and  Lewie Ford.

Call to Order:
Meeting called to order by the president at 10:00 am.

Approval of Minutes:
The board minutes for the July 1, 2017 meeting were reviewed and approved following correction of the amount of dollars transferred to the District Rose Float Committee from  $3.0K to $2.0K. DM/EA                   

Treasurer's Report:
The treasurer’s report containing data through June 30,2017 was reviewed and approved . RC/EA

1. The board approved a special expenditure of $10.00 to support a D10 Governor’s departure gift. DM/EA

2. The board approved the transfer of $2.0K to the District Rose Float Committee. DW/CW

3. The board noted that registration of sponsored youth to work at the Rose Float construction site will start on August  1,2017.


Future Meetings :
1. Club 8-5-17 At DECON RF breakfast/NV.

2. Club/Bd  8-19-17  At bank facility  9:00am


The president adjourned the meeting at 11:15 am.

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