Board of Directors Meeting
July 11, 2015



Members Present:
Reid Allen, Don Medley, Stan Bowers, Craig Wallace, Jan and Ron Robertson, Dave Wallach, Ron and LaRee Cope

Call to Order:
At 10:00am by Jan Robertson.

Approval of Minutes:
The Board Report for 6-20-2015 was reviewed and approved. SB/DM                

Treasurer's Report:
The Treasurers Report through 6-30-2015 was reviewed and approved. SB/RR               

New Business:
1. It was recommended and approved that a payment of $ 2,000  be forwarded to the District for Rose Float costs. SB/DW. The Board discussed reimbursing the RF Committee Chair $400.00 from the “OTHER” budget expenses line item to defray unanticipated travel costs at the August DECON. The action was approved. SB/CW.

Future Meetings:
The next meeting is 7-25-2015 at our usual location and is a club meeting starting at 9:00am. Our first August meeting will be a breakfast/interclub at the DECON in Sacramento on 8-16-2015.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:00am by Jan Robertson.

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