Board Meeting
June 16, 2007



Members Present: Reid Allen, Craig Wallace, Dave Wallach, Shirley Carroll, Bart Carroll, Jean Erikson, Bob Erikson, Stan Bowers and Orlene Bowers
Guests: Pat Liddell and Christine Wagley

Call to Order: By Reid Alien, President at 10:00 a.m.

Treasurer's Report: M/S/P for acceptance as presented.

A discussion followed on whether the Rose Float payments from the Committee and the Club to the District should be consolidated and to whom they should be sent to at the District. The process, as it now stands, is unwieldy and cumbersome and the data received is unclear. Bob Erikson suggested that this a good time to evaluate the process because of KI's increasing presence into the Rose Float project. It was suggested that Margo Dutton direct the process for a possible change. This issue was deferred for further discussion to the next Rose Float Committee meeting to give Margo and Craig Wallace a chance to confer with Pete Horton at the upcoming Foundation Board meeting.


  • Strategic planning/Club Survey: Deferred to later meeting.
  • Future Meeting Date: July 5, 2007 @ KI Convention in San Antonio. It is a non-meal meeting beginning approximately at 12:30 p.m. after the morning delegate session.
  • Luncheon for Float Building site Feeding Team Captains: Nine people were in attendance on June 8, 2007.
  • Annual Gift to Foundation: It was sent January 6, 2007.
  • Manning of Rose Float Booth at KI Convention: Dave Wallach has the list of worker hours and will send it with the Carrolls to the Convention.
  • More Than a Parade Gift Book: It will be given away as part of the drawing at the Rose Float Club meeting in San Antonio.

Old Business:
Club Incorporation Papers: Pat Liddell explained that the Rose Float Kiwanis Club of Pasadena is now incorporated. Incorporation was discussed at the Bass Lake training of incoming Lt. Governors and Lt Governors were encouraged to check the incorporation status of the clubs in their Division. Clubs are supposed to be incorporated within one year of forming.

A photocopy of the Rose Float Incorporation papers was passed around for the members to see. Pat Liddell's role at this Board meeting was to set up the organization of the Rose Float Club's Incorporation and duly records it.

Question's were asked of the Board members and the answers were as follows:

    1. The club must have a President-elect.
    2. The club will have eight (8) Directors.
    3. There is no bond for the Officers.
    4. The club will meet two times per month.
    5. The Secretary will be elected, not appointed.
    6. The President-elect will run the meeting in the President's absence.
    7. Pat Liddell is the Incorporating Agent.
    8. A valid Board of Director's meeting must have a notice if the meeting date is not published ahead of time.
    9. This initial meeting must elect the Officers and Directors.
    10. An Assistant Secretary position was established as an office and the Assistant Secretary serves as Secretary when the elected Secretary is absent.
    11. It was M/S/P to adopt the Incorporation papers as presented.
    12. Bob Erikson was approved as President-elect and to begin serving in this
      capacity immediately.
    13. Lydia Soriano was elected to the Board of Directors.
    14. M/S/P to make Orlene Bowers the Assistant Secretary.
    15. October 1 to September 30 is the club's fiscal year.
    16. The club's official address is that of Craig Wallace.
    17. Citizen's Business Bank is the Official Bank.
    18. It was M/S/P to make Craig Wallace the Agent of the Corporation.
    19. The Hyland Group writes the insurance coverage. This coverage is funded out of the Administrative Budget.
    20. It was M/S/P to send this above information to the California Secretary of
    21. lt was M/S/P to make Pat Liddell an Honorary member of the Rose Float
      Kiwanis Club of Pasadena.
    22. The TAX ID # of the Incorporated club is: 95 4824231.
    23. The CORPORATION # is: 2917739

New Business:

Trader Joe's: Will be donating 10,000 bottles of water to the Rosemont Pavilion for the decorators.

Discussion regarding clarification of Committee, Club & Board: Tabled to next Committee Meeting.

Payment: It was M/S/P to send $1,000 to the District towards the cost of the float.

Grand Drawing: The new form for the Grand Drawing has handed out. It is on the Website.

Adjournment: At 11:29 a.m. by President Alien


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