Board of Directors Meeting
June 1, 2013



Members Present:
Larry Madick; Reid Allen, Craig Wallace, Don Medley, Dave Wallach, Ernie Arnold; Shirley Carroll; Bart Carroll

Ken Umbarger; Pat Umbarger; Ron Cope; Walter Morton; Sandra Morton; Steve Varma; Laura Fair; Gina Woods

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 10:31am, by President - Larry Madick

Approval of Minutes:
Minutes of the April 27, 2013 meeting had been published via email and posted on the net. Moved by Reid Allen, second by Pat Umbarger, passed.

Treasurer's Report:
Treasurers report for the Foundation was presented by Craig Wallace

Bart Carroll moved to pass for audit, Ron Cope seconded, Passed

Grand Drawing sales are needed. We have now passed the brake even point, now it's time to sell for a profit.

Division 10 Announcements:
1. Lt Governor Lagunas announced the Governor's visit to Div 10June 15, 2013 from noon to 2:00, lunch $35 at Luminarias Restaurant, 3500 W. Ramona Blvd., Monterey Park. See attachments!

2. It was announced that a dinner honoring Reid Allen's 90th birthday will be held on July 20, 2013. All are encouraged to attend.

3. Lt. Governor Mark Waronek announces a Kiwanis night at Dodger Stadium with part of the proceeds to be contributed to Eliminate. See attachment.

Old Business:
1. Larry Madick named Kathy Allen to be the Club Delegate at both the ICON in Vancouver and the DCON in Reno.

2. Craig Wallace and Gina Woods presented a new activity of the Owie Bowie activity. Sounds great but will need to be discussed farther at a later meeting after folks have a chance to think about it.

3. The activity at ICON, booth 19 is considered a meeting of the club. Other meetings scheduled are Club at 10am and Board at 11am on July 13, 2013. Both to be held at the Bank conference room.

Meeting Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

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