Board of Directors Meeting
April 27, 2013



Members Present:
Reid Allen, Craig Wallace, Don Medley, Dave Wallach, Jan Robertson, Ron Robertson, Ernie Arnold; Ruthee Goldkorn; Ken Umbarger; Pat Umbarger

Cynthia Dejesus; Bob

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 11:08am, by President - Elect Jan Robertson

Approval of Minutes:
Minutes of the February 23, 2013 meeting had been published via email and posted on the net. Moved by Reid Allen, second by Ruthee Goldkorn, passed.

Treasurer's Report:
Treasurers report for the Foundation was presented by Craig Wallace

Ruthee Goldkorn moved to pass for audit, Ron Robertson seconded, Passed

Craig moved that $1000 be sent to the Committee, Ruthee Goldkorn seconded, passed.

Grand Drawing sales are needed. We have now passed the brake even point, now it's time to sell for a profit.

Division 10 Announcements:
1. Lt Governor Lagunas stated that there was a need to get background checks for people working with youth at the Float Decorating area. There was general discussion about this and it was decided that it is a committee topic so will be discussed at their next meeting.

2. A project working with Boys and Girls Club was discussed briefly. Will be more fully covered at the committee meeting.

. Covered earlier, it was announced that the 5/9/13 Division 10 DCM will be held 5:30 PM at the Citibank location. All are encouraged to attend.

Old Business:
1. The 2013-2014 officers & Board was elected earlier during the Club meeting.

President – Jan Robertson
President-elect – Ernie Arnold
1st Vice President – Ron Robertson
Secretary – Ron Cope
Treasurer – Craig Wallace

Board of Directors
Stan bowers
Dave Wallach
Marsha Jackson
Don Medley
Margo Dutton
Reid Allen
Shirley Carroll
Bart Carroll

New Business:
1. Craig Wallace presented a new activity of the Owie Bowie activity. Will be discussed farther at a later meeting

2. Next meeting Committee 9am, Club 10am, Board 11am, June1, 2013 at Citibank.

Meeting Adjournment: Adjournment moved by Reid Allen, seconed by Pat Umbarger, passed. The meeting was adjourned at 11:29 a.m.

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