Board Meeting
April 27, 2008



Members Present:
Reid Allen, President, Marsha Jackson, President-elect, Treasurer, Orlene Bowers, Asst. Secretary, Stan Bowers, V.P., Craig Wallace, Treasurer, Dave Wallach, Rose Float Committee Chairman, and Bart Carroll and Shirley Carroll, Guests: Ron Robertson and Jan MacKay

Call to Order:
Meeting was called to order at 12:20 p.m. by Reid Allen, President.

Approval of Minutes:
The minutes were approved as corrected (Larry Madick was in attendance; Lynn Seeden was spelled incorrectly).

Treasurer’s Report:
Craig Wallace, Treasurer, presented the Treasurer's Report. The club is $6,000 ahead of budget as of March 31st. It was M/S/P to approve.

It was also M/S/P to send $3,000 to the Committee towards the 2009 Rose Float since the 2008 float has been paid in full.

There was a discussion on the drawings and sponsorships by the clubs. Are they profitable and are they declining? It was decided to market these fundraisers more than has been done in the past.

Craig Wallace was requested by Kiwanis International to project the estimated Rose Float costs for the next 20 years. He handed out a sheet with these projections.

There was also a discussion on the legacy for the Rose Float in the Cal-Nev-Ha Foundation and the balance of the District accumulation of funds.

a.International Convention:
The 2008 Kiwanis International Convention in Orlando Florida has a very low number of registrants for this date. Reid and Kathy Allen will be the club's delegates.

b. Special Steering Committee: The Bulk Mailing will de done under Marsha Jackson's Bulk Mailing Permit.

c. Grand Drawing: It was M/S/P to continue the Grand Drawing to help raise the funds needed for the 2009 Rose Float.

d. Gold Medallion: Lynn Seeden's plan to raise the endowment for Rose Floats in perpetuity is proceeding ahead with the Medallion being designed. Three hundred medallions of the 3000 total planned for will be cast in the first run. By the next Steering Committee Meeting more will be known on this subject and will be discussed.

e. Division 10: According to Shirley Carroll, Division 10 would like to honor Immediate Past Key Club Governor, Dorothy Yen, at the Gala in 2009 with an award to be decided later.

f. Gala Event:
There was a discussion on where members are in obtaining possible sponsors for this event. Several members submitted their contact names.

Meeting Adjournment:
The meeting was adjourned at 1:20 p.m. by Reid Allen.

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