Board of Directors Meeting
March 28, 2015



Members Present:
Reid Allen, Shirley/ Bart Carroll, Stan Bowers, Don Medley, Craig Wallace, Larry Madick, Jan Robertson and Ron Cope

Call to Order:
At 10:45am by Jan Robertson.

Approval of Minutes:
The Board Report for January 31,2015 was reviewed and approved. SB/LM

Treasurer's Report:
The Treasurers Report through February 28,2015 was reviewed and approved. LM/SB

Discussion Items:
1. It was noted that Dave Wallach had a medical emergency but is now recovering. It was decided to send flowers to reflect our positive thoughts for his rapid recovery. The members discussed three Flap-Jack breakfast events including Chatsworth, Moreno Valley and Visalia. Bob Lagunas and Ron Cope will assist and advise as necessary.The Chatsworth event is scheduled at Applebees on May 16,2015.

New Business:
1. The Board approved a recommendation to transfer $3,000 to the District Rose Float fund in both April and May. CW/SB The Board concurred in a recommendation to send a flower decoration to Dave Wallach who is recovering from a medical emergency. Larry Madick is the action lead. The Board confirmed that Jan and Ron Robertson are certified as club representatives to the KI international meeting. The Board appointed Reid Allen to lead the nominating committee to select a slate of officers for the next leadership term. A report and recommendation will be made at the next meeting.

Future Meetings:
Comm/CL/Bd at 9:00 am on 4/18/15 at bank

KIRF Interclub at Chatsworth Flap-Jack Breakfast on 5/16/15.

CL/Bd at 9:00 am on 5/30/15 at bank


The meeting was closed at 11:05 am by Jan Robertson.

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