Board Meeting
March 17, 2007



Meeting opened at 10:10 a.m.

Minutes of February meeting not available

Treasurer's Report:
Checking: $19,808.00
Foundation: $4,239.00

$1,000.00 received from Honda in support of feeding their float workers; they will also support the 2008 float.

Friends of the 2008 Kiwanis Rose Float project discussed. Moved to support and sell 200 tickets. Prizes to be $5,000.00, $1,000.00, $500.00 and $250.00. Approved.

From the Foundation account, $200.00 was approved to support Romanian Eyeglass project.

$250.00 approved for District Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship (First Lady's project).

$250.00 approved for Brick for District Foundation in Ontario…$300.00 approved to K-I Foundation.

From Club Account:
$5,000.00 approved to support 2008 Float building. Dave to have district cut a check, soon, to Phoenix as partial payment.

Discussion ensued on Club Incorporation as suggested by K-I…no action taken.

Dates of next meetings:

Saturday, March 31st…9:00 a.m…Shakers Restaurant in So. Pasadena
9:00 a.m…Club meeting
10:00 a.m…Board meeting

Saturday, April 7th…9:00 a.m….Shakers
9:00 a.m…Club meeting
10:00 a.m…Board meeting

Saturday, April 28th…Citibank basement, Pasadena:
9:00 a.m…Club meeting
10:00 a.m…Board meeting

A move was made to support a fund raiser at District Convention to sell candy kiss roses for $1.50 each…our cost $.50…$100.00 for upfront materials approved when needed. Shirley Carroll will coordinate this project with sponsored youth.

We will miss the Steffens (Dan & Vicki)…They will be moving to Washington state in April. God Bless them! NOTE: They will still be Rose Float members.

Reminder: All of you who believe in the Rose Float project need to support our Friends of the 2008 Float by selling tickets ($100.00 each) to other supporters and previous members who believe in our Kiwanis Rose Float. Also, buy one for yourself.

Winners of the 2007 Float Friends of the Rose Float drawing are:

Wendell Jackson…$5,000.00
Gov. George Francis…$500.00
Winnie Joe…$250.00
Andrew Yen…$250.00

Congratulations to all of you winners and also to all you non-winners who supported the 2007 Float project.

Meeting adjourned: 11:20 a.m.

Wayne Hoeft

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