Decorating Rules


Kiwanis Decoration Rules  
1. All volunteers MUST be 13 years old or older to be allowed in the rose float decoration site.
2. All volunteers MUST be assigned and acknowledged by the Kiwanis' Rose float volunteer and site coordinator.
3. Requests will be granted on a first come, first served basis through registration on the website. The schedule is based upon the overall manpower needs required by the Float Company.
4. Every K-family club will be asked to specify the number of volunteers being committed. The Float Company and the volunteer coordinator reserves the right to refuse entrance to any volunteers significantly in excess of this number. Please notify us in the event the number of volunteers is significantly short or in excess of the number submitted. This will allow usthe time necessary to take corrective action for any manpower shortages or find work for additional volunteers.

In order to insure that all clubs have the opportunity to volunteer, no request for groups larger than 45 volunteers, nor DIVISION ONLY requests will be honored. For clubs within a division that will be traveling in excess of 50 miles, requests to work together will be honored if requests for each club are submitted together with a note indicating your need to work together because of the distance you are required to travel. This will allow such groups to share in the cost of travel. Such requests should be submitted as early as possible to insure adequate space for entire group. Every attempt is made to honor these types of requests.

6. Any club failing to arrive at their appointed time is subject to being replaced by the volunteer coordinator or the Float Company. Further any club failing to report at their appointed time may jeopardize their clubs right to work on future dates.

Manpower needs are determined by the float decorating company, and may need modification as work either falls behind or ahead of schedule. A confirmation does not guarantee that you will be able to decorate. We will do our best to notify you prior to your scheduled time in the event such a change becomes necessary. Contact names and phone numbers are critical should it become necessary to notify you of a schedule change. Without a contact name and phone number your request will not be honored.

8. The list of rules and regulations from the Float Company are displayed below. It is imperative that these rules be followed. In the event a volunteer fails to follow these rules, the volunteer coordinator and float company reserve the right to take corrective action, including refusal of entrance into the rose float site, and expulsion from the work site. These rules will be strictly enforced In order to insure the safety of all volunteers and the completion of the floats.
Phoenix Decoration Rules  
1. Please do not bring radios, walkmans, cameras, handbags or jewelry. Bring your I.D. & money only. Fanny packs work great.
2. Wear old but warm clothing and sturdy shoes with closed toe and heel tie back long hair.
3. Fire lane must be kept open at all times and the area around the float should be kept clean.

Please do not expect to use the office phones. There are pay phones located outside the north door for your use. Incoming calls will not be accepted for workers and no paging will be allowed from the office. We will take emergency calls only.

5. No one is allowed inside the building during judging when you are asked to step outside. Please do so promptly and remember to take out any personal items with you.

All breaks are to be taken outside. All food and drinks are to be kept outside.

7. Volunteers are here to work. There will be some not-so-glamorous jobs that need to be done besides decorating; it all has to be done.

No smoking is allowed in the buildings.

9. No more than 3 people are allowed on scaffolding at a time.
10. Please check-in with your crew chief when you arrive at your float and when you leave.
11. HAVE FUN!!
    If you have a question about float decoration that has not been answered, email our registration coordinator by clicking here.
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